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Smartresumebuilder offers you numerous resume templates that you could choose to build your resume. It?s not difficult to know how to write a resume using the free resume builder from Smartresumebuilder.

STEP 1: Create an account
The first step in the process of writing your resume is the opening of an account with Smartresumebuilder. It?s a simple process wherein, you will be asked to fill in a few basic details. At the end of which, you will be given a Email id and password.

STEP 2: Log in
Log onto the site using your Email id and password. You will be taken to the resume builder page. The resume builder will take you through the various sections that need to be filled.

STEP 3: Fill up the various sections
You will be asked to fill up the various sections like personal information, work history, skills, training, educational background, awards and achievements, hobbies, and references.

STEP 4: Choose a resume template
The best part about our free resume builder is that you first need to choose the kind of resume template you want. It is only after this step that the resume builder starts the process of professional resume writing.

STEP 5: Viewing the resume
Your resume is now complete and ready to be viewed. You could go through a resume writing sample or two to know how your resume is going to look like.